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Preschool and Child Care Center in Ontario, California

Finding the right child care setting to nurture your infant, toddler or pre-kindergartner can be stressful, not only for them, but for you, too. Let Lil Blessings Family Daycare, in Ontario, California, ease your concerns. When it is time to make that important decision, call us at (909) 280-2402. Our Christian-based daycare center nurtures your child in a homelike environment to prepare him or her for a lifetime of discovery.

The friendly and child-centered staff at Lil Blessings Family Daycare is concerned with your comfort level. They understand how stressful it can be to research and visit various places to find just the right fit.

You want a child care center to be a place of learning. Our accredited program and capable teachers involve your children in stimulating and fun activities that will prepare them for the school classroom. Our child-to-teacher ratio is appropriately monitored. When a one-on-one situation would benefit your son or daughter, That is exactly what you can expect. As our children’s center teachers see it’s time for your children to build social skills in preparation for the world of preschool, they are advanced to a small group of learners.

It is important for parent and child to feel safe and secure in any child care setting. The homelike atmosphere at Lil Blessings Family Daycare will help ease your anxiety. Rest assured our child care providers are as mindful here, as you are at home, of where those little fingers have been; and we take extra care to see that they are staying clean. You can feel comfortable knowing our teachers are CPR-certified. The surroundings of Lil Blessings Family Daycare are designed with your son’s or daughter’s personal security in mind.

We’re a family-owned center concerned with your family’s day care needs. So call Lil Blessings Family Daycare. We’re saving a place for you. For more information or to schedule a time to tour our facility call - (909) 280-2402

(909) 280-2402

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Ontario, CA

Average Rating 5.0

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Cat D. - Corona, CA

Love Mrs Wanda

Mrs Wanda is great and has very good pricing! She has watched both my 5 year old and my 5 month old. When my 5 year old was 3 Mrs Wanda taught him how to color read and write! He is now going into 1st grage and reading and writing at a 2nd grade level. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to give their kids an enviroment where they will learn alot!!!! She will prepare your kids for school!!!!

- on Jun, 25 2014

Clarisse U. - Upalnd, CA

Wonderful daycare !

I will recommend anyone to Ms Wanda and Ms Angela ! My 2 daughters go to this daycare . They stated at 3 years and 1 year old. They love Ms Wanda and she loves them. They learn a lot !!!! My daughter is in kindergarten and she is way ahead . She could read and write even before she started kinder. My 3 year old knows a lot as well and I am very thankful. I will definetely recommend this daycare to any body !! Well rounded !

- on Dec, 28 2013

Georgina G. - Upland, CA

"Totally the bestest"

Ms. Wanda and Ms. Angela are the best team, Ms. Wanda LOVE'S to teach the children, my grandaughter has learned so much being around theLOVING enviroment that surrounds that daycare/school, be priviledged if your child get's acceppted in that school!

- on Jul, 25 2013

Nichole G. - Alta Loma, CA

High Quality Affordable Child Care

My daughter started at this daycare when she was 7 months old and attended until she was in kindergarten. Miss Wanda is amazing with the kids and treats all of them as if they were her own. The curriculum is also amazing my daughter was ahead of everyone in her kindergarten class and is in AR reading and above grade level for math, a year before the kids start kindergarten Miss Wanda focuses works extra with the children to make sure that they are prepared which I believe is absolutely awesome and so important! I would highly reccomend this day care to any parent.

- on Jul, 11 2012

Edwin S. - West Covina, CA

Outstanding Teaching skills

My childrens experience at lil Blessings has been educational,spirital and fun, Miss Wanda and her staff has been proffesional throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking quality daycare and education for their children.

- on Jul, 07 2012

Roni S. - Perris, CA

Miss Wanda is the best

My daughter was 3 when she started going to Lil Blessings and was with Lil Blessings for over a year that year has changed our lives she is so advanced with her learning because of the things that are taught at Miss Wandas daycare.My son is almost 2 and has learned to color, share say thank you and many other things. we are very grateful for Lil Blessings and will recommend her to anyone who wants to better their childrens lives.

- on Jul, 05 2012

Angela D. - San Bernardino, CA

This Day care is awesome!!!!

Hi my name is Angela and my three kids go to Lil Blessings Family Daycare! All of them have been going there since they were a month old. my oldest is 6yrs my daughter is 4yrs and my son is 9 months old. They absoultely love it. They have breakfast in the morning followed by some playtime. THey do class (ex. calendar, sing songs, ciriculm). my daughter saves everthing she does. She knows how to spell her name spell her colors knows her shapes. THe months of the year and the seasons. She has learned to play and get along with others and gets the experince she needs to get her ready for a school enviornment. My 9 month old already knows how to stand up and push things around. He is all over the classroom. he plays with the other older ones. He learns alot from them. I would never go any where else. Miss Wanda as all of us call her is a remarkable lady. She is patient and kind to everyone. She loves what she does and you can tell by how much effort she puts into the kids. she does alot to get them ready for school she wants all children to exceed in school and in by doing that start them young. Getting the younger kids into the class. i have seen a 2 year old know her colors. And little 21/2 year old boy stay in the lines while coloring. all the kids that i have seen come into this daycare love her. When they are gone over the weekend and they come back they acted like they were gone for months. I would recommmend this daycare to everyone and anyone!

- on Jul, 05 2012