The Children's Center

Preschool and Day Care Service in Tucson, Arizona

The Children’s Center is a full service and dedicated daycare in Tucson, Arizona.

Our caring staff is inspired by helping young and growing minds shape before our eyes. Taking in new students from infants to children up to six years of age, we help nurture the creativity of your youngster’s mind.

Very few nursery schools accept infants 2 weeks old – a year old. The Children’s Center knows that it is hard parting with your bundle of joy at such a tender age. For that reason, we give you no hoops to jump through, affordable pricing and have an Open Door Policy which allows you to come in and spend time with your child. On top of allowing you complete access to your child at any time, we also record daily activities - information and give the report to you, the parent; at the end of every day spent with us.

Baby food and formula is provided at no extra cost.

Toddlers are an equally core part of our structure. Our toddler program includes age appropriate games and activities to keep your child’s fingers busy and their mind happy. Children are sponges that absorb much of everything they experience. For that reason we have a unique and vibrant center that is meant to spark curiosity as well as boost imagination.

The majority of our staff has been a part of the team for the past 6 years. Our staff is carefully screened and selected for experience and commitment to young children. We show our dedication and passion of caring for children day in, and day out.

We offer a very educational and enjoyable preschool service for children ages two through four.

This duel tier preschool program builds cognitive language skills, social interaction, alphabet, counting and much more. We will even lend a hand in potty training!

After the foundation has been set we construct a personalized learning approach. Preschool students thrive on hands on, self-directed exploration of the world around them. Under careful watch real-life opportunities are explored and discoveries are made. You will be proud to watch your child grow and become a problem solving adventurer.

As children interact with materials trying new things, gradually they will connect cause to affect and internalize many real world concepts.

Math, science, computers and language development are available to children ages three and four.

At no additional charge, our day care center also provides breakfast, lunch and two healthy snacks.

Early age development is an excellent way to prepare your child for school and the world.

Everything we offer and provide at our preschool and children learning center are designed to promote Physical Development, Emotional Development, Social Development, and intellectual Growth. If you would like more information or would like to schedule full or part time daycare services call us today at - (520) 314-8753

(520) 314-8753

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Tucson, AZ

Average Rating 5.0

in 8 reviews

Christina T. - Tucson, AZ

Complete Trust in This Daycare!

My daughter has been going to The Children's Center since she was a few months old. Since then each teacher that she has had at The Children's Center has been absolutely wonderful. They honestly care about her and makes sure she is comfortable, well fed and actually learns something. I am amazed each day how much she has learned, whether it is counting, singing songs or reading books. LOVE this place and would never switch to another daycare. This is even more affordable than the CDC that is offered on the air force base. The Children's Center is the best choice!

- on Aug, 15 2014

Vanessa . - Tucson, AZ

Love this center!

My child has gone here since she was a baby. The staff has pretty much stayed the same over the years, they all greet me when i come to pick up my daughter. She's always talking about her favorite teacher at home and the activities that they have done that day. I HAVE recommended The Children's Center and will continue to do so! They provide excellent care for a low price!!!

- on Jun, 06 2014

Jennifer L. - Tucson, AZ

LOVE THIS CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My kids just started at The Children's Center last month and they absolutly love it . The price's are very affordable and the quality of care is amazing. I strongly recommend it.

- on Sep, 11 2013

Lina J. - Tucson, AZ

This preschool is the best

My kids and grand kids went to this preschool ,I love everything about it the staff the buildings the managment every body is so caring and loving I recommend this place to all friends and relative

- on Jun, 27 2013

B L. - Tucson, AZ

cheer up!

I called the center for pricing and availibility, and the manager i spoke with did not answer the phone professionally. she needs to cheer up when talking to an interested parent in order to get business!

- on Jun, 19 2013

Maggie M. - Tucson, AZ

I love this school

I work with many preschools in the area and I love this school. They have a wonderful, knowledgeable staff. The children are given many opportunities each day for hands-on learning in math, science, and literacy. They ride bikes, climb, plant flowers, paint, and have adventures outside in their 2 shaded yards. Any child should be very happy in this environment, and I am proud to have been involved with this school for the past 2 years..

- on Feb, 05 2013

Linda J. - Tucson, AZ


I love bringing my daughter to this preschool it's nice and clean with shaded playgrounds .staff are always smiling and welcoming .my daughter is always happy to go there which makes me feel good for leaving her there and going to work .

- on Feb, 05 2013

Maggie S. - Tucson, AZ

Best place for kids

I take my two kids to this wonderful preschool the kids are learning sooo much and everything is done in a fun easy way for the kids ,staff are friendly I just love every thing about this place

- on Feb, 05 2013