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Algeo's Appliance Center ranks among the leading appliance stores in Sonora, California for new appliances and household appliance repair services. With convenient appliance delivery and refrigerator repair available to Modesto and surrounding communities, our local appliance store’s versatility is the only call needed.

We understand the value of repairing a washing machine that will not spin or a dishwasher that will not rinse. Washers and dryers help keep your family looking its best and clean clothes are vital for school or work. An efficient dishwasher helps your family dine safely with clean cutlery and plates.

From selling or repairing a freezer for food safety, to repairing stainless steel refrigerators for food storage, Algeo's Appliance Center guarantees your satisfaction.

Our Sonora and Modesto kitchen appliance repairs help clients save both time and money. Instead of making separate calls to repair a gas burning oven and front load washing machine, customers can simply call our appliance customer service team.

With fast delivery on new high capacity washing and drying units, we make it easy to upgrade your home’s appliances at an affordable price. With manufacturer warranties and guaranteed installation, Algeo's Appliance Center offers peace of mind to our clients.

An energy efficient dryer may also help reduce utility bills while a modern washer can minimize water bills with its efficiency. Similarly, a new or repaired refrigerator may use less electricity for reduced energy expenses and environmental benefits. This makes purchasing your kitchen’s appliances from Algeo's Appliance Center an investment in short and long term cost savings.

Our team has the experience to advise on whether repairing old appliances or purchasing a new oven is most practical. This expertise ensures that our customers will get an exceptional value in their best interests.

To schedule an appointment or for an estimate, please contact us at (209) 213-4368.

(209) 213-4368

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