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The choice to get a tattoo is a milestone in your life. Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing in Rocklin, California has been all about tattoos and piercing the flesh of our customers since 2002! We are your greater Rocklin area’s one stop local tattoo shop. Call us at (916) 625-6618 or stop by our tattoo parlor. We’ll be happy to show you around. 

We didn’t become the most respectable tattoo shop in the Rocklin area without our customers’ word-of-mouth referrals. Our tattoo parlor is a clean, sanitary, family-oriented and welcoming environment. Come in to have a look at our tattoo artists’ portfolios. You may walk away with a piece of art!

Recommendations from our satisfied clients have made us the most popular and professional tattoo shop in Rocklin. In fact, Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing’s customer base boasts a large population of health care professionals who come to us for their tattoos and piercings. That should tell you something about our reputation!

Remember the phrase, “You get what you pay for?” It definitely applies to shopping around for a reputable tattoo parlor. If you are quoted a drastically lower rate that others you have researched, ask yourself a question. Are cheap tattoos really going to be worth it in the long run? Chances are that a tattoo shop offering these low rates does not have the most skilled or professional tattoo artists. Our tattoo portfolios are open books and they cover the widest possible range of ideas

Make the right decision when it comes to choosing a tattoo parlor. After all, your tattoo or piercing will live with you for a long time. You can be confident that the tattoo artists at Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing will embellish your skin with a tattoo you’ll be proud to show! You’ll be happy with our work.

 Another milestone in your life may be to get a facial or body piercing. Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing has talented and professional piercing artists on staff who will be happy to show you their extensive and creative piercing portfolios.

If you’re ready for another permanent expression of your flair, you may want to speak to them about dermal implants. Our jewelry and other implants are of the highest quality, and you won’t have a hard time picking from our selection.

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Rocklin, CA

Average Rating 4.3

in 12 reviews

David M. - Loomis, CA


Kevin is the man for Septum piercings. He rocked it. Very cool and great piercer. Thanks bud.

- on Oct, 19 2018

Dave B. - Rocklin, CA

Awesome Tat

Got a portrait of my dog from Derek and he is still alive with me. Every time I look at my tattoo I feel like he is right here with me. Thank you. Great artists and shop!!

- on Oct, 19 2018

Shelly J. - Roseville, CA


I went in to get a industrial piercing and left with an industrial and a nose piercing. This place and Ron the owner are awesome. Ron took the time to explain everything in detail to me and made sure I understood all the aftercare. The piercings were only $40 each and came with the jewelry. All the other places I called were trying to charge extra for the jewelry. Very clean shop and super nice.

- on Oct, 19 2018

Jeff D. - Lincoln, CA

Best Tattoos in Sac Area

This place is cleaner then any medical facility I've ever been to. Steve is an amazing artist and will put some awesome art down on you. I love my portrait he did for me. Thanks bro.

- on Oct, 19 2018

Lisa H. - Rocklin, CA

Excellent tattoo work, super super clean

This place is awesome. Super clean and awesome. Fun place to get tattooed and pierced. All the artists are great at what they do and make sure you get what you want.

- on Oct, 19 2018

Carol B. - Loomis, Ca

Infections! Cross contamination!

Artist put down needle 6 times and touched things without changing gloves! Caused a horrid infection that required medical attention.

- on Oct, 19 2018

Donald M. - Weimar, CA


Got my sons name "Riley" on my right forearm. I loved it. I'll Be back for more tatts, names, hopefully full sleeve on arm.

- on Oct, 12 2018

Alicia A. - Lincoln, CA


Sons had his lips done they did a great job. . I’m going to do my dermals. And I love the people work here great professional service excellent A+ . Will be back

- on Oct, 15 2017

Stacee L. - Rocklin, CA

Love my piercing!

I had my eyebrow pierced 2 months ago and love it. They were professional, knowledgeable and informative. I've followed the detailed instructions I was given for cleaning and I've not had one problem or issue. I love my piercing and will be going back to have them change my jewelry out for me. Thanks!! :) :)

- on Sep, 25 2017

Lisa L. - Auburn, CA

Will not return

Let’s just say I’ve spent the last few hours watching tattoo removal videos after seeing how my tattoo turned out. My tattoo Cory did a few months ago still haunts me till this day. It is nothing like the picture I gave. How do you ossicle mess up a tracing?? Will never go here again.

- on Sep, 24 2017