Ark Septic Inc.

Septic Service and Plumbing Repair in Windermere, Florida

With over 18 years of experience, Ark Septic Inc. offers professional plumbing and septic services in Windermere, Florida. From residential septic cleaning to commercial plumbing repairs, we provide relief to Clermont and Winter Garden residents. Our master licensed plumbers offer; Repiping, faucet repairs, sewage treatment, a clogged drain, drain cleaning, and sink installation.

As a versatile local plumber, septic tank pump outs are perhaps the staple of our repair services. The need for sewage treatments such as septic maintenance is often overlooked.

Often preceded by unsightly waste backing up in your toilets or sinks, accumulating solid waste can seep from the tank’s lid and outlet pipe. When a Windermere home’s drain fields overflow, the sanitary safety of families can be compromised.

Ark Septic Inc. is #1 at taking care of your number two!

If bubbling sludge at the soil’s surface is wreaking havoc to your yard, our 24 hour septic pump outs will restore sanity. Our licensed home and commercial plumbers will pump the sludge from conventional and alternative septic systems. We locate the lid to the underground tank, and safely direct the waste water to our modern pumping truck. As a value add, we inspect the tank for cracks and clean the filter if applicable.

When new chambers and drain fields are needed, our Clermont area septic plumbers will dig and create the capacity needed for an overburdened plumbing system. When complete, we reinstall the grass and your yard will be left in pre install condition.

The pipes and toilet plumbing capacity of Winter Garden restaurants can experience similar strains. With health code and customer satisfaction at stake, our commercial plumbers will repipe and install the sinks needed to meet customer demand.  The eternally leaky faucet which adds to your costs is affordably repaired with a labor guarantee.

As a family owned and operated company, Ark Septic Inc. is committed to our local communities. Windermere, Clermont, and Winter Green can call us 24/7/365 for all of their emergency plumbing and septic maintenance needs.

Please call (407) 490-0087 for scheduling.

(407) 490-0087

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Winter Garden, FL

Average Rating 5.0

in 11 reviews

Lesley B. - Orlando, FL

Amazing Customer Service

This company went over and beyond. At first they could not find the septic tank, but they did not give up. They explained to me the reason as to why they could not find the septic tank and that was because it was fiberglass which makes it more difficult to find. They did an awesome job and they were so professional Thank you Daley and Landon.

- on Sep, 14 2018

Irma F. - Orlando, FL

Pumping Service

Pumping Service was done professionally with courtesy! Thanks so much!

- on Jul, 27 2018

James C. - Clermont, FL

needed last minute service

The company came out at the last minute to pump out my system. The techs were very polite and helpful. I will definitely call them if needed again.

- on Dec, 29 2017

Helen R. - Clermont, Fl

Great Company

I definitely recommend using Ark Septic, they answered my call immediately and came out within a few hours to pump my septic that was over flowing and eventually they put in our new drain field. Really nice family owned company!

- on Jul, 31 2017

Ken W. - Orlando, FL

Example: "This Company Rocks!"

poor service called 3 times no return call poor poor poor servive Write your Complete Review here...

- on Nov, 11 2016

Jon H. - Oakland, FL

I appreciate there there service,

I appreciate there there service. It was professonal and the two guys that came to my home where curtious, easy to talk to, and honestly answered all my questions. They were here to help me. I will use and recommend them again.

- on Sep, 06 2016

Nereyda . - Altamonte Springs, FL


WOW!!! Hi Everyone! It's Sunday Night Aug 2nd, 2015 We were just having an Emergency Septic Brown Back Up!!! YUCK! The kids are running around the house PEW PEW PEW and my husband & I begin to stress a BIT=( So I am frantically calling every 24hr septic service on the internet, When a I hear a KIND VOICE voice on the other end. "How Can I HELP" I quickly tell Dave our issue and he calmly begins to ask diagnostic questions, just like a doc! I answer them...He says "You know it sounds like what you need to do is check your filter it just probably needs to be cleaned." So, I said Ok...told my husband...as the yuck water is creepying into one of our room from a leaking toilet and filling up the bath tubs and showers. AAAAAAA!!! My husband took out the filter and sure enough the water began to gurgle & drain down! Dave did not know us nor did it matter. He has the CALLING & HEART to serve others and tonight he is our ANGEL! I CALL HIM MIRACLE MAN DAVE!!! He cared enough to help us in our time of need and he didn't even know it. So I called him back to THANK HIM, because you see just a week & a half ago I was in a bad accident that left me with a BROKEN BACK in 2 places and a NECK INJURY and unable to work for the next month & a half at least! Our income was cut in half overnight but the bills keep coming in! Dave took the time to pick up the phone 3 times during his church service tonight to make a difference in our LIVES TONIGHT! He told me he believes in MIRACLES & was glad to help! Dave saved us $275 or more because it was an ER call on a Sunday Night. Now we will be able to put that toward our kids school clothes as they start school in a just over a week! I will refer Dave many customer including our homes, families and friends! Do not hesitate to call when you need septic service! DAVE IS THE REAL DEAL!! Send your family and friends to Dave at Ark Septic!!! Dave to the RESCUE!!! THANKS AGAIN MIRACLE MAN DAVE!!! GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS THROUGH YOUR KINDNESS & GENEROSITY=) Blessings, Nereyda & Family=)

- on Aug, 02 2015

Helen P. - Winter Garden, FL

Excellent Service!!!

Very impressed with Daley at Ark. I called for an appointment and they were at our house that week. He offered helpful, courteous service and we intend to continue using their service in the future. I would highly recommend Ark Septic.

- on Oct, 07 2014

Dan L. - Windermere, FL


Daley & Dave were AWESOME to work with. They are very reasonable, fair, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I STRONGLY recommend their service.Dan & Linda

- on Aug, 27 2014

Sam And Dona P. - Winter Garden, FL

Integrity and Service Too!

David is amazing! Had issues with septic (we're new to septic tanks). Thought worst. David fixed in 30 seconds. Filter was the issue. Never had any of the other 3 companies that have routinely serviced ever told us there was a filter. Reasonable price, quick, and honest-we're very thankful!

- on Mar, 23 2014