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Auto Repair Shop and Emission Testing in Lubbock, Texas

We may have a new name…but you can still count on our mechanic shop to deliver the excellent customer service for which we are famous.

40 years of experience enables us to handle any automotive repair that comes our way—even the most interesting circumstances don’t baffle our auto technicians. We accept all challenges to display our knowledge , expertise and friendliness.

When you use our affordable auto repair business, you’re actually helping to stimulate Texas’s economy with your spending dollars. By entrusting your vehicle to one of our auto mechanics, you’re keeping those dollars here by allowing us the honor of becoming the automotive technicians you know and trust.

In the car repair business, there are hundreds of shops from which to choose. But why would you, when our longevity in Lubbock speaks for itself. And we’re just 4 blocks from any TT Red Raider If you’re traveling to watch the battle between the Riders and the Aggies, or Longhorns, please come by for a quick check. Because…

Road trip inspections are performed free of charge at our auto repair shop. And it could prevent you a costly engine repair “down the road” so to speak.

What more could tempt you to become one of our most valued customers?  How about having an expert transmission repair and rebuilding specialist from Super Tech Car Clinic work the kinks out of it?

In our capable hands, every vehicle repair is treated like our only repair because we believe in extending you our personal and undivided attention.

Please call the same great service shop you’ve been using for years. And remember—

the only thing about us that has changed—we’re now Super Tech Car Clinic!

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Lubbock, TX

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Jamie N. - Lubbock, TX

I'm surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

I'm surprised. Pleasantly surprised. The air conditioning in my car hasn't worked for about a year now. I did the climate control swap myself, and the system tried so very hard to work, but just couldn't get started. A buddy from work recommended this place, and if it wasn't for that.. after seeing the side of town it's on I probably would have skipped it. Don't do that. Don't make that mistake.Rudy was our mechanic today, and upon entering the humble store-front he was all smiles and positive attitude. I felt comfortable handing over my insurance and my keys. He even offered to drop us at a rental place in case I needed a vehicle for the duration of the repair! Turns out, it wasn't even necessary. Rudy took my fiance and I home, and called me every couple of hours with an update on the progress of the fix.Though there were a couple bumps in the road to determining the problem, Rudy was honest with me, upfront about the price, and I have no doubt he was being truthful about the nature of the repair. I'm not a car mechanic myself, but I do understand enough to get by. It was a fix I probably could have done myself, but this place was fair on the price, and excellent with the workmanship. I was even reassured that any repair I needed would have the price discussed with me before any work was done. The last time I had to have a repair done, they scratched and scuffed my dash. I was a little concerned coming here. Not this place. They cleaned my dash and took care of my vehicle. When it was time for pickup Rudy picked me up in my car and drove me back to the shop, telling me the entire way what was done and reassuring me that everything else in my vehicle was fine. I will never take my car to another mechanic after this. Rudy is the only one I'll ever see. The fix took less than 5 hours, and I got to wait at home in comfort instead of crunched into the corner of a waiting room. Do yourself a favor and take your vehicle to them.

- on Jan, 10 2017

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- on Jun, 24 2014