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If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. That flat screen TV or computer monitor you spent your last two pay checks on has just gone black. It is two weeks out of warranty. 

You call the big box store where you purchased it and they tell you that TV Repair and Flat Screen Repair really are more expensive than they are worth. Just go ahead and drop another grand or more for a new TV or Monitor. That was their “repair” department shilling for retail.

So you start looking up Appliance Repair and find out that your local TV Repair is still dealing in tubes. Your next option is to start tossing quarters in a jar and wonder how long before you can get your broken lifestyle fixed.

Here’s a buzz for you: D & A TV Master can fix that. TV repair costs average $150 – $250 for anything under 42" and you will be amazed at how economical larger monitors and TVs can be repaired. 

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