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Veterinary Hospital in Junction City, Kansas

Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC is based in Junction City, Kansas, and serves the communities within a 75-mile radius. Dr. Theresa McCreath has 19 years of experience as a vet and the clinic also employs two fully-trained technicians and a receptionist. We provide veterinary medical and surgical care that includes the use of an in-house laboratory, orthopedic surgery, and digital radiography. Dr. McCreath prides herself on her compassionate care and the experience she brings to the job, qualities which set the practice apart from competitors in the area.

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Junction City, KS

Average Rating 5.0

in 6 reviews

Lori T. - Junction City, KS


I now take all of my pets to her. Her and her staff are absolutely the best. I love having someone treat my pets just like I do they are my babies. You can tell she loves her job and is excellent at it. I always recommend her when someone asks for a vet.

- on Jul, 13 2018

Karen M. - Junction City, KS

Compassionate care

Last we we had to put our dog down, which is a very hard thing to do. Dr McCreath and her staff were very kind, caring and compassionate in the midst of a difficult decision. It is obvious that they not only care for the animals but also the pet owners also.

- on Jul, 09 2018

Nancy R. - Junction City, KS

I Believe Dr. McCreath and her team love my pets as much as I do! None better!!

I have 2 elderly dogs, one with several different health issues, when my lil guy isn't well, they get him in as quickly as possible, he is treated very well by all, Dr. McCreath has even gotten down on the floor with him, has hand fed him when he wouldn't eat and made sure he was well enough to take home after brief illness. I cannot say enough about the appreciation I have for Dr. McCreath and her team they are absolutely the best!

- on Feb, 03 2018

Jeremy R. - Junction City, Ks

Great treatment

Took my 10 week old pup in who I was told had worms and was treated prior to me getting her. One treatment from the docs here and she already showing signs of the treatment working less than 4 hours later. Very please with the fast and accurate service, and can not wait to continue business with them. Thank you!

- on Jul, 05 2017

Mark F. - Junction City, KS

Best experienced and caring vet and staff around

Takes very very good care of all my dogs if it is routine or there first day on earth or there last hour and will not hesitate to come to your home to treat a litter of sick puppies . The whole staff including Teresa thank you from Mark and Arlene

- on Jun, 01 2017

Alfonso P. - Junction City, KS

Great Vet

The staff here treat my puppy great. Prices are good and treatment excellent.

- on Nov, 16 2016