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Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, LLC is based in Junction City, Kansas, and serves the communities within a 75-mile radius. Dr. Theresa McCreath has 19 years of experience as a vet and the clinic also employs two fully-trained technicians and a receptionist. We provide veterinary medical and surgical care that includes the use of an in-house laboratory, orthopedic surgery, and digital radiography. Dr. McCreath prides herself on her compassionate care and the experience she brings to the job, qualities which set the practice apart from competitors in the area.

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Junction City, KS

Average Rating 4.7

in 9 reviews

ryan f. - junction city, KS

Fixed my dog's mouth

I Brought my pup in for a dental cleaning and possible removal of bad teeth. She also had a pre-existing deformed lip ever since receiving tooth extraction from a different veterinarian a year or so previous. I got pup back 6 hours later with clean breath, bad teeth were removed, and her deformed lip was fixed and her mouth looks normal. I thank the veterinarian staff for the service they performed and their ability to answer my follow up questions.

- on Jan, 30 2024

Brad S. - Junction City, KS

Negative Complaint/Disrespectful Customer Service

Very disappointed with the horrible customer service I received from who I assume to be the receptionist when speaking with her in regards to my dog. We have been taking our dog to Spring Valley since arriving to Junction City in 2018 but after the treatment I received last night, it has got me questioning whether this is truly a place I want to take my dog. My husband/me got home from work last night at 5:00 to be informed by our kids that our dog had not moved from laying on the couch all day to go outside or eat/drink and would yelp if touched. So I immediately phoned you guys only to be treated extremely rude by your receptionist on the phone when she said you know we have been open since 8:00 and close in like 10 minutes right, so she basically was asking me where I have you been all day instead of tending to my possibly injured dog until now? I said yes I realize you are about to close and I am sorry to be calling at this time but my husband/me just got home from work and were just told about this by our kids. I asked if there was anyway we could bring our dog in for them to do just exam/ visual look over on her just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong that would possibly be like threatening/need immediate attention? Still to my astonishment the receptionist was so cruel despite the situation, flat out saying we can't help you but you can try k-state emergency vet. So guess where we went with our dog, yes we went immediately to k-state emergency vet paying the $142 emergency fee without having to even think twice and received top notch treatment/care for are dog. This situation/treatment given by your receptionist has got me so distraught as like I said we have been bringing our dog to your vet since 2018 but the treatment/attitude this receptionist gave off has really left me upset, questioning whether or not this is the place I want to take my dog anymore and also whether this receptionist belongs working in a position that requires providing customer service, cause she definitely lacks the ability to provide quality customer service. I hope if this was ever one of her animals in this situation that she would not receive the treatment and disrespect that she displayed towards me.

- on Sep, 08 2021


Something you need to know as a local pet owner...

If you have never met Dr. McCreath, with whom I've had the privilege of knowing for a number of years, you may find this review helpful. First let me say she has over the years gained my trust in caring for my animals. She has done this through a display of integrity, candour, and honesty, gaining mutual respect in the process of doing so. Dr. McCreath always appears to be current with the state of the art procedures of veterinary medicine. She displays that knowledge of up to date care to her clients in a way that can be understood by the layperson. She is patient with her clients as well as her patients listening extensively, asking questions in a positive and friendly manner. She exudes confidence, along with an award winning personality, engaging pet owners in conversation that is both calming and reassuring, even under the most dire circumstances. This is a critical asset, and one that seems to come natural for her. Her staff of technicians are keen on helping not only her, but the individual client and their needs. I have never been greeted with anything but a smile and a helping attitude upon contact with them. The skills they display are truly remarkable, both in technical knowledge and, client interaction. AS AN OVERALL TEAM, I fin it hard to find fault with this clinic. So if you are wanting to find a veterinary clinic that excels above others, in my opinion, you cannot do better than Spring Valley Vet Hospital LLC. (Nope I do not work there nor am not related to any one there. However, great work deserves acknowledgement no matter what the field, and I am happy to be able to say this with the conviction of truth behind it.)

- on Aug, 18 2019

Lori T. - Junction City, KS


I now take all of my pets to her. Her and her staff are absolutely the best. I love having someone treat my pets just like I do they are my babies. You can tell she loves her job and is excellent at it. I always recommend her when someone asks for a vet.

- on Jul, 13 2018

Karen M. - Junction City, KS

Compassionate care

Last we we had to put our dog down, which is a very hard thing to do. Dr McCreath and her staff were very kind, caring and compassionate in the midst of a difficult decision. It is obvious that they not only care for the animals but also the pet owners also.

- on Jul, 09 2018

Nancy R. - Junction City, KS

I Believe Dr. McCreath and her team love my pets as much as I do! None better!!

I have 2 elderly dogs, one with several different health issues, when my lil guy isn't well, they get him in as quickly as possible, he is treated very well by all, Dr. McCreath has even gotten down on the floor with him, has hand fed him when he wouldn't eat and made sure he was well enough to take home after brief illness. I cannot say enough about the appreciation I have for Dr. McCreath and her team they are absolutely the best!

- on Feb, 03 2018

Jeremy R. - Junction City, Ks

Great treatment

Took my 10 week old pup in who I was told had worms and was treated prior to me getting her. One treatment from the docs here and she already showing signs of the treatment working less than 4 hours later. Very please with the fast and accurate service, and can not wait to continue business with them. Thank you!

- on Jul, 05 2017

Mark F. - Junction City, KS

Best experienced and caring vet and staff around

Takes very very good care of all my dogs if it is routine or there first day on earth or there last hour and will not hesitate to come to your home to treat a litter of sick puppies . The whole staff including Teresa thank you from Mark and Arlene

- on Jun, 01 2017

Alfonso P. - Junction City, KS

Great Vet

The staff here treat my puppy great. Prices are good and treatment excellent.

- on Nov, 16 2016