Air Conditioning Service and Heating Contractor in Lancaster, California

ORTIZ AIR in Lancaster, California provides the best in local air conditioning, heating repair and installation services. Our quality air conditioning services are just a call way for clients dealing with faulty HVAC systems.

With experienced air conditioning contractors and affordable rates, our lifelong customers can trust us for repairing or installing their residential or commercial air conditioner units. ORTIZ AIR understands the discomfort and negative impact of faulty heaters or central air conditioner needing repair.

We offer Lancaster our emergency HVAC repairs and expert A/C service with guaranteed satisfaction to resolve all climate control problems. ORTIZ AIR takes pride in minimizing the amount of time your family or customers have to deal with sweltering conditions.

Our friendly customer service and fast response separate us from many air conditioning and HVAC companies.

For fast scheduling, please contact us at 661-338-2925

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Lancaster, CA

Average Rating 5.0

in 8 reviews

Tom S. - Lancaster, CA

Example: "This Company Rocks!"

Have uilized Ortiz Air for several years now. Awesome company! No hesitation in recommending them. Very honest and reliable.

- on Sep, 09 2016

Ted H. - Lancaster, CA

what a pleasant experiance

My a/c-heater unit was 23 years old and needed updating. beautiful work .rewraped all the external ducts{looks like a new house}.and routing the drain to the washer drain {brillant}. why dont they do that when the house is built?so awesome no more puddle!!!!!!!!!thank you

- on Aug, 14 2012

Yue D. - Lancaster, CA

"Great service"

Quick service!! At first I have second though with your company for repairing my heat pump, but right now I’m relieved because of your promptness and well experienced technician. Great customer service!!! Definitely I well recommend Ortiz Air to any one.

- on Mar, 30 2011

Wisley R. - Lancaster, CA

"Excellent service"

Awesome service!! Thanks Ortiz Air for repairing my air conditioning, now it so cool and everything looks good. Their tech was very professional. Definitely I well recommend it to others.

- on Mar, 29 2011

Stephanie W. - Lancaster, CA

"Very good job"

This is my first time having your company for repairing my heat pump, overall that was impressive and professional done. I highly recommend Ortiz Air to my family and friends.

- on Mar, 28 2011

Martin J. - Lancaster, CA

"Very good job"

Superb Ortiz Air !!! This is definitely the best repair shop in Lancaster area.They repair my air conditioning in just an a hour and their was very knowledgeable and well trained. Definitely I will recommend to any one.

- on Mar, 24 2011

Amina C. - Lancaster,, CA

"Definitely recommended"

I'm so glad that have a Ortiz Air the problem of my airconditioning. I found a solution through the Ortiz Air they very effecient in there work and manageable.

- on Mar, 09 2011

Maria S. - Rasamond, CA

most trusted and honest technicians

ortiz air gave my the most afordable deal on my repairs , I aways remenber their honesty thank you ortiz for keeping me warm this winter

- on Jan, 16 2011