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Whitley Auto Service is an auto repair shop in Dalton, Georgia that specializes in a wide range of automotive services. With years of experience our team is able to provide brake repair, transmission repair, new tires, oil changes, auto electrical repair and much more. Our team is licensed and bonded to ensure your vehicle is in safe and capable hands.

Offering so many services under one roof it goes without saying that we have a very well equipped shop that is able to perform nearly any auto repair service. We also carry a wide selection of new tires! No matter what the cause of your automotive woes, Whitley Auto Service has the solution.

Our team would like to help your vehicle stay on the road for as long as possible. Offering some of the most comprehensive automotive maintenance services in the industry we do much more than just give you an oil change. With a point to point inspection we will make sure your timing belts, alignment, electrical components and core automotive components are operating smoothly.

If you would like an estimate of would like to schedule a time to come by please call us today at - (706) 229-7093

As your oil changing headquarters we offer professional oil changes, transmission flushes and A/C work. Having your transmission fluid flushed will help your vehicle stay strong and running longer. With superior filters we will drop your pan and replace your filter. This should be done every 30k miles. If you have exceeded the suggested time you may want to consult with a mechanic to see what the best option for you is.

Timing belts are commonly referred to in a variation of terms. Your timing belt, timing chain or cam belt synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft to help your engine valves operate at the proper time. If you have broken down it could be a serious engine failure caused by an exhausted timing belt. Having your timing belt replaced is an affordable method to prevent future problems with your vehicle as well as keep it running the way it should.

If you are looking for a service that we have not cover here please look into some of the other services we offer.

For an estimate or to get more information contact our team today at - (706) 229-7093

(706) 229-7093

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Dalton, GA

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Amber A. - Asheville, NC


i just bought my jeep from from the women who speaks about having her back hatch damaged by this place. unknown to her at the time this place that charged her 530 for their work had totally screwed up her entire rear end. the jeep was worked on here in december 2018 just a month ago they did wheel bearing set, axel seals,right rear caliper and brakes. i came out to find the rear end leaking differential fluid by the tons. i get it taken apart only to find they put the new right caliper on the left side, they didnt press the bearings which made the thing stick out a quarter inch to far causing damage to every single part involved. i now have to get a new rear end installed. At purchase she provided me with the receipt of this repair. I have never seen an automotive repair shop butch a job this badly. not only did they return the car with a damaged back hatch but also the work they did completely screwed up the thing worse then it was before it was brought to them!!! Do NOT have your car worked on here!!!!

- on Jan, 25 2019

Tiffany S. - Waynesville, Nc


i was on vacation in GA and my caliper blew so I looked around for a shop and ran across Whitley auto thought it was gonna be a good shop beings they had decent reviews. Well turns out they are an awful untrusting shop!!! I would never recommend them!!!!! I had to return to nc to either get it towed back home or come up with the $450 they told me would fix the Jeep. Included the rear caliper the axle and rear brake pads. They told me to call them Monday and let them know if I was gonna have them fix it or have it towed back home. I called them Monday and was gonna have it towed by a friend but when I called them Monday they said they already did the work to the vehicle!!!! They fixed my vehicle without my consent and then after telling me they fixed it they said the total was $530!!!!!! Come the 11th of January I finally came up with the money to pay the shop and arrive there to pick it up only to notice a HUGE DENT in my hatch!!!!!!!!! The Jeep had no dents on it when I dropped it off. I asked the owner what he was gonna do about it and he said it wasn’t done on his lot and I showed him pics of proof that my vehicle was not damaged when I left it there and he refused to do anything about it he said it wasn’t done at his shop and that there wasn’t any cameras to prove it!!!! These people are awful people do not trust them with your car and DONT trust anything they tell you!!!

- on Jan, 13 2019

Jason . - Jacksonville, FL

Honest mechanics

Traveling through GA I needed a mechanic and dreaded stopping out of state for repairs. Not knowing the area Whitely was chosen at random from the internet. They were professional and patient to find a hard to diagnose problem. They did not gouge me on the price or try to upsell anything. FRIENDLY AND HONEST.

- on Jun, 18 2014