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Criminal Defense Attorney in Saint Louis, Missouri

Patrick C. Gill Criminal Law Attorney and Counselor at Law is an excellent Criminal Defense Attorney located in Saint Louis, Missouri. At Patrick C. Gill we specialize providing exceptional Missouri criminal law services. Unlike some legal assistance services that are impersonal by providing limited legal counseling online, I give you my immediate and undivided attention. I don’t believe in providing the “One-size-fits-all” answers to legal questions via the website, I believe instead, that people deserve to speak to a real person who truly cares about giving them the help that they need and deserve.

Please avoid the inconvenience of jail time for not seeking my expert legal advice. I promise that I will help you with any criminal matter that you have within the State of Missouri. I operate on the believe that the needs of my clients and of the highest importance. I have been in the practice of providing excellent criminal law assistance 1984. Basically I have more than 25 years worth of experience of representing accused individuals and have successfully tried felonies and misdemeanors.

Although my law office is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, I serve and have tried cases for people who reside in: Kirkwood, St. Charles, Granite City, Fairview Heights, Missouri and surrounding counties. I can’t to be given the opportunity to earn your trust by giving you the best representation possible. Give me a call today! 

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Saint Louis, MO

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Patrick G. - Clayton, MO

unsatisfied client? BEWARE of false reviews.

The negative review posted on this site is fraudulent.. This person was never my client.. I have not received a single bar complaint in 30 plus years of practice...

- on Sep, 01 2016

T V. - High Ridge, MO

horrible lawyer

I would never recommend this lawyer to anyone!!! He is so unprofessional and never will return a phone call. He is very rude and does not keep you informed one anything going on with your case. He was recommened to me by a friend and I wish I would have never of used him for my legal issues. Please do not use this lawyer, please do your research and get a better lawyer that cares about you and your case not just the money.

- on Aug, 18 2016

Jane S. - Bellleville, IL

awesome attorney

I have to say I had issues with both of my boys. He is awesome does a wonderful job. You can't find a more compassionate man working to help the public than this one right here. Also helped my daughter with traffic tickets she got. He knows his job and the law quite well.

- on Oct, 07 2015

. - , MO

Example: "This Company Rocks!"

Write your Complete Review here...heis so hot,hot , hot .... would love to get in trouble with himmm.....SO CUTE

- on Nov, 09 2013