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Warrior MMA is an extraordinary Martial Arts & Self Defense School located in Sacramento, CA. We have excellent instructors that are experts in Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA for both teenagers and grown-ups. In fact, our self defense classes are designed to accommodate people of all ages.

Our core values lie neither in aggression nor brute strength, instead our core values lie in the “ART” in Mixed Martial Arts. We view the process of transforming into a martial artist as a life-altering process which forces the student to train the body, focus the mind and enhance the spirit. For us the path to your self-defense achievements is as much a physical journey as it is a mental one. Our goal is to provide each individual, male or female, adult or child the chance to develop the skill and the conditioning of a fighter without the attitude and arrogance that is synonymous of the majority of gyms.

The Warrior MMA facility is one that is known to be filled with skilled instructors. We are eager to pass down the knowledge of our skilled trainers to our valued students. There is nothing that is not covered by Warrior MMA. Want to specialize in one fighting style? If so then come to us as we have programs that provide you with comprehensive training in the specific art of your choice. So you can focus on your submissions with our famous Cia Paulista Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or enroll in our Muay Thai program to focus on your stand-up striking ability. If you are a fan of UFC and would love to receive the same type of training that your favorite UFC star gets then our MMA program is perfect for you.

Our programs are designed to not only build your self-defense skill but to also get you into the greatest shape of your life.

We aim to provide the highest quality training and instructions. We are very confident that our methods will work for you. So for the best Martial Arts and self-defense that you will ever have in your life, give us a call at: (916) 604-8440. 

(916) 604-8440

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