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House Remodeling, Appraisals and Demolition in Denver, Colorado

Queen City Architectural Salvage provides demolition of older houses in Littleton, Colorado. More than antique home demolition we also salvage and sell classic old building materials. Inspired by vintage artifacts we locate and procure hard to find antique building materials including antique doors, fireplaces, fireplace mantles, tubs and more.

Queen City appreciates the finer classics and offers complete restoration of antique home radiators. On top of our many restoration services we also provide complete metal stripping services. Specializing in resurfacing porcelain, cast iron tubs and radiators we can restore it back to its original state. Resurface porcelain or cast iron fixtures; old fashioned claw tubs and sinks, antique doors and door knobs, wagon wheels, fireplaces as well as old fashioned bars and cabinets affordably.

Before you continue with your demolition project call us for a complete appraisal.

Consultations and Appraisals for valuable items in your building like old furniture that can be salvaged before we demolish. A lot of our salvaged items are available for rent.

Metal plating and metal stripping services are second to none. We deliver exceptional metal plating for chrome, nickel, gold, and / or copper.

Sale of merchandise (unique/antique items found in buildings) and selling services (restoring unique/antique items or demolishing old homes)

Call us at - (888) 846-0445 for catalog information or to schedule service today.

When people are remodeling their homes, they will often contract another company before calling us to appraise the valuable items they may be getting rid of. We put ourselves ahead of our competitors by providing consultations, appraisals as well as demolition and remodeling.

It doesn’t make sense hiring or calling another company when you are looking antique home remodeling, demolition or antique appraisals.

Our remodeling services are largely built around our antique fixtures and furnishings. We have a large selection of luxury antique tubs, fireplace mantles, doors, door hardware and much more. You can also find classic cast iron radiators and metal stripped products.

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Denver, CO

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Barbara C. - Denver, CO


This place reminds me of the show, "Pickers." There is ALL KINDS OF STUFF to look through. Doors galore, plumbing fixtures, lights, old toys, windows, you name it. We had a blast and only wished for more time. Check it out.

- on Aug, 11 2018