Certified Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a programmer to install the widget code?

No, you will need a simple content editor for your website in which you can paste the code. The code is very similar to your common video embed code.

Why do I need to send my contact info in order to receive the free code?

Our customer service team has to create an account for you in our system. Each account has a specific ID to make the widget active.

Can I paset the widget on to more than one site?

Yes, however you will not be able to tell which website the review came from. This would require separate widgets.

Can I edit or remove reviews?

No, we like to keep the review process as accurate as possibel. This does make you acceptable to both positive and negative reviews.

How can I remove a review that is not accurate?

We believe that with every review is an element of truth, however in some cases greatly pushed out of proportion. Our review team will take the time to validate any descrepancies in your review and will remove it, if it's inaccurate. Please visit your contact page to dispute a review.

How can reviews benefit my on-line presence?

As we all know social interaction has become a very prominent place with today's society. Everybody likes to voice an opinion on something they accomplished. Having a solid review platform will allow potential customers to find you based on pre-customers reviews. The more you can build up your review network, the more you will be seen.

Statistically over the last year reviews have shown an increase in sales when a potential customer can see positive reviews about your company. Basically allowing a customer to verify a third party perspective on how your company performs. Reviews are enabling customers to make a potential decision both expensive and non-expensive without having to actually contact the company itself.

Can I export or save reviews out of the widget?

No, if you would like a document with your reviews please contact us and we can e-mail it to you.

Does Certified Reviews rank?

Yes, each client has their own unique ID and URL allowing your specific review page to show up when your name is searched.

Are there any contracts or obligations for this service?

No, you can simply delete the code from your site and the widget is gone. If we see no activity for over 60-90 days, team of specialists will contact you to verify you are no longer using it.

Is the online demo free to use?

Yes, please enter in the few input fields and the demo will pop right up. If you have any problems please contact us for further assistance.